The 2012 World Economic Forum ranked "the failure to adapt as one of the highest global risks and on a par with terrorism."

Why TRI?

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that warming of Earth’s climate system is unequivocal. Even if humanity manages to avert the worst possible scenario, we are still facing unprecedented warming and costly natural disasters. This is reason enough to manage the risks, build our resilience and increase our knowledge about how to adapt. Fast.

The cost of denial and apathy in addressing climate change has resulted in huge gaps in knowledge. Fast-tracking our knowledge about adaptation and mitigation is essential in addressing food and water security, our ability to respond to mega-weather events, and in maintaining our sense of being and cultures. We are teetering on environmental and social tipping points that could have unintended consequences, but intentional transformation through co-creating new systems of governance and ways of being could result in a more equitable and climate safe future.

TRI will help bring knowledge and good practices from around the World to inspire creative and innovative responses to climate change.